Basic File Requirements

Our workflow requires single-page PDF files to be created in CMYK mode. Complete pages only.

Please do not stuff or zip your files for uploading.

We do not need our Clients to supply us with crop marks or registration marks.

Our Imposition software needs all the image on your page to be centered. If you need to use bleed on any of your pages, please include 1/4” bleed on all 4 sides and keep “live image” area 3/8” from the trim. (The Imposition software centers page on the trim).

Please keep your page sizes uniform throughout.

Please use short, simple files names, and avoid offending characters. Here is the standard naming convention you may consider adopting: ABC_YYMMDD_01.pdf (where ABC is a short publication name and YYMMDD is a 6 digit publishing date).

If you need to send a revised page, please add “rev” just before “.pdf” and call our direct line to alert us. We will try to use your newest file if we receive it before the job is printed.

Our custom made Goss Magnum press towers print CMYK only. Please convert your spot colors to CMYK and ensure that black text is black only.

For UV Tower we require rich black for your “black” solids. Our rich black combination is:   M40 – C40 – Y20 – K95

We need to receive your Press Instruction, supplied to you by Sales, before we can start production on your publication. Please ensure that we have  contact information in case we need to talk to you about any production issues.

For any Pre-press inquiry, please call us direct: 604-636-8014