Preflight Overview

preflightOverview-1Our clients are supplied with a dedicated FTP access specifically setup for their exclusive use only. Each client receives a unique User ID and Password.

To upload your files please use the following:

Host: and your specific User ID and Password (provided by us) to access the folders below.

Please note that for security reason our FTP server does not support web browser upload. To upload your files please use a Client FTP program of your choice such as: Cyberduck, FileZilla, CuteFTP, Fetch, etc.

When you log in you will see the following folders setup for your exclusive use:

Dropbox folder – all your files go in this folder as you upload them. Preflight picks up pages from this folder and your files will disappear quickly.

OK_Pages folder – after going through preflight if a file is good it will soon appear in this folder. Please make sure that ALL your files show up in this folder.

Fixes_Alerts folder – as your files go through the preflight, if a file has minor problems and Pitstop can fix them, PDF file along with the report will appear in this folder. This is only FYI, no action is required on your part.

Failed folder – if a file has major problem (ie: font not embedded), it will be deposited in this folder. You will need to fix these files and send them again as revised (until they show up in the OK_Pages folder).

Soft_Proofs folder – your files will go through RIP and low-resolution TIFF files will be deposited in this folder for your review